The author of this blog is a parent of three children in Richmond, Virginia and a stay at home dad.

  1. jamie said:

    awesome–fun to read and get some tips and learn more about my bro’s day to day:) love u xxxxsis

  2. Jeremy Stocks said:

    Hi there, I like to read your blog! I’m a stay at home Dad in Germany looking after two small kids. It’s tough at times ain’t it?

    There are days when the whole thing looks like life off a cornflakes packet – we had one last Saturday, put up the inflatable Intex pool in the garden, a long mountain bike ride, hot sun, a barbecue. Contrast that to today, we’re stuck indoors (we are outdoor freaks) bored, lethargic, watching endless telly while it rains outside, surfing the web, whilst waiting on a sick daughter lying with a fever on the couch.

    It goes from holiday to hell very quickly…

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