A Breakfast Confession

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right?  Truth be told, as a gainfully employed stay at home dad, I do a pretty crappy job of breakfast.  Morning is usually rushed for us because sleep is such a necessity and my wife and I both tend to burn the midnight oil. For this reason we are not early risers and we usually wake up at whatever time we need to get the kids ready for school.  This does not leave much time for making extravagant meals or even cooking at all.  Sometimes I imagine making them a hot breakfast every morning complete with bacon and eggs and toast and juice and cold cereal to top it off.  Instead all they get is the cold cereal.  Most days I’ll cut up some apples or have some blueberries on hand to go along with the “flakes” or the “o’s” so I can feel better about things.   I try not to buy them any cereal that has high fructose corn syrup in it but I’m still pretty sure sugar is just as bad.  Sometimes they want toast and I try to provide it if I can with butter and jelly or more often they want butter and honey.  They are very fond of honey, they would like to have it on their cereal if I let them, and they often insist I put it on banana slices.  I’ve bought Agave, which they also like, but they much prefer honey.  Part of me laments our meager breakfast of cold cereal and wishes that I was making a big country breakfast for my family everyday, donning an apron, flipping flapjacks and asking people how they like their eggs.  Sounds like a good plan at midnight the night before, but when I awake it will be the same as always, the kids will need to get dressed, I will have slept that extra ten minutes and woke up behind schedule, snacks for school will need to be doled out and someone lost their jacket and another one needs to find underwear in the bottom of the laundry basket where the clean underwears have yet to be sorted and filed away in dresser drawers.  By the time we get downstairs there is ten minutes until the time I have to get them out the door and here’s one weeping as I comb their hair that hasn’t been combed since we swam in an over-chlorinated swimming pool and I’m lucky if anyone gets anywhere they need to go on time.  I think for a moment about cooking up some real breakfast for my family like I had planned and I laugh and ask my kids what kind of cereal they want while I grab for an apple to slice up and shove in their mouths while they’re deciding, “Eat your apples or you’re not even going to get cereal,” I’ll say.  I do that so they eat some fruit and relieve my guilt for feeding them cold cereal for breakfast, that most important meal of the day.


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