Sleeping with the Cute, Little, Cuddly Enemy

Returning to one of the most crabby inducing issues of parenting, nighttime with little ones… Thing Number 3, my three year old boy, is still sleeping with us every night and we should probably be doing something about it.  Things start off very well for him in terms of going to sleep as he does go down pretty efficiently in his own room in his own bed while I sit next to him in a rocking chair.  My son is very affectionate and doles out many hugs and kisses before lying down with an endearing smile playing out over his face as he snuggles with his pillow.  I don’t mind sitting there so much because he’s usually asleep within ten or fifteen minutes and a few years ago I made the excellent investment of buying a booklight and discovered that this is a great time to find something good to read.  Sometimes I find myself sitting there reading (and avoiding any other outstanding chores) far past the time he has drifted off to dreamland.  Other times, of course, I fall asleep myself in the chair and awaken in a daze with a hurt neck.  It is only later after we’ve all gone to bed that my son decides he needs a little parental supervision.  He gets out of his bed and walks down a hallway of creaky wooden floors and appears at our bedside in the wee hours of the night with sighs and low volume whining until we give him a hand to climb up into our bed and situate himself between us.  I probably wouldn’t mind this so much aside from a few noteworthy vexations that follow.  Once he drifts off to sleep the first thing he does is kick off the blankets and any cover sheets, peeling them away from my sides as well in the process.  Then he has a nasty habit of spinning around counterclockwise with his legs and arms all spread out, creating a pinwheel of limbs passing over and striking anyone in the vicinity for the rest of the night.  Since it is in the middle of the night sometimes I react to these thumping broadsides of flesh and bone with a shove of my own.  Last night he seemed to be spinning at a faster pace than usual or I was just more violent in my reaction to it, but we basically ended up wrestling half the night with me ending up flinging him across the bed on top of his mommy, i.e, my wife.  If it wasn’t for that human bulwark, I may have tossed him straight to the ground.  Anyhow, when dawn broke and the house awoke, mommy was none too pleased with the way I had been pushing around my son all night.  I’m not sure if she was miffed because I’d thrown him on top of her and disturbed her own beauty sleep or because I was sending the wrong message by pushing him away so emphatically.  At the least I had lost my patience.  It’s hard for me to take responsibility for my actions in a semi-conscious state at four in the morning while getting kicked in the nether regions, but I guess there’s always something to work on.

  1. Been there. You describe it so much better. He will not be crawling into bed with you when he is fifteen, if that helps.

    • I have heard of drunken twentysomethings crawling in bed with their parents by accident…

  2. jamie said:

    tell him he has to climb in bed with his sister instead of you! shes a cuddly warm body who wont mind his kicks.

    • tried that… once he did sleep with Aurelio, seeing as he is in the same room already we’ve tried to encourage that route… Adelina sleeps in a similar way as him in terms of moving around, she falls out of her bed about once a month, so it’s kind of a scary proposition to put him with her 🙂

  3. My husband tries to convince me that he’s not responsible for his actions when he’s 3/4s asleep too… and to that, I say BULLSHIT! 😉 I’m a mom. I’m ALWAYS responsible for my actions, same goes for dads, doesn’t matter what your sleep/awake ratio is. But I do have to admit, there is some comfort in knowing it’s not just MY husband. LOL

    From a co-sleeping mom who enjoys having her little one (who is four and a half now) in the family bed.

    • there’s definitely part of me that likes to sleep with him in the bed and I am not really into the whole kicking him out of the bed for developmental reasons, though my wife and I like to have our own time in the bed occasionally, but my biggest problem with it all is that I wake up when he is moving around so much, today when I asked him about it he said he just wanted to hug me, I find it a little hard to believe he remembers all this from the night, but at the same time I know better than to discount what he’s telling me and I guess I should try to cuddle him and see what that does, instead of push him away. I’m honestly totally not cuddly when I am asleep, even with my wife, I like to have room to move around and feel nothing around me for some (sorta sad) reason… but like I said, always room to grow, right?! Thx for yr. comment! and btw, also for representing in the Green Party, I wish we had any kind of viable 3rd party like the Greens here in the States!

  4. Laura Jimenez said:

    Ha! Yup -it was Osvaldo who finally said NO! “Go back to your bed – you can’t come in here anymore!” It was when Ixchel was about 3 or so – so you are right on schedule. Enjoying the posts Rider!

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